Wednesday, October 19
12:00 to 4:00 p.m. PT


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Join us for this landmark Symposium, where we will systematically confront the problem of cognitive decline among politicians.

Cognitive deterioration of politicians (including diminished memory, impaired decision-making, mood alterations, and dementia) is a critical emerging issue. This Symposium will address the current state and future directions of assessment of cognitive function and decline among politicians. As professions such as law and medicine are addressing cognitive effects of age, their insights may inform development of the proper strategy within politics.

Our speakers have a remarkable range of expertise. Keynote Speaker Dr. Nassir Ghaemi, psychiatry professor and author of the acclaimed NY Times bestseller “A First-Rate Madness: Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness”, will discuss mental illness among politicians. Dave Min, California State Senator (37th District), will offer his perspectives on the issue of cognitive assessment for politicians. Political Science Professor Shawn Rosenberg will review the current state of assessing cognitive decline in politics. Neurology Professor Mark Mapstone and Dr. Sandy Sanbar, a world leader in legal medicine, will discuss how cognitive impairment is addressed in the fields of law and medicine.

This Symposium will include the First Annual Jerrold Post Lecture on Neuropolitics, given by Keynote Speaker Dr. Ghaemi.  Psychiatrist Jerrold Post, MD (1934-2020), who was Professor of Political Science at George Washington University, was a founder of the field of political psychology and author of many influential books on the psychology of political leadership.

Please register now for this important multidisciplinary event with enormous implications for the world of politics.
Keynote Speaker

Mental Illness and Political Leadership

Nassir Ghaemi, MD

Professor of Psychiatry
Tufts University

Featured Speakers
Mark Mapstone, PhD
Professor of Neurology
UCI School of Medicine
Dave Min
California State Senator (37th District)
Shawn Rosenberg, MLitt
Professor of Political Science, UCI School of Social Sciences
Sandy Sanbar, MD, JD
Adjunct Professor of Medical Education, Oklahoma University
Symposium Co-Directors

Mark Fisher, MD
Professor of Neurology
UCI School of Medicine

Davin L. Phoenix, PhD
Associate Professor of Political Science
UCI School of Social Sciences

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