HROne to Modernize HR Processes
In 2019, Human Resources released a strategic plan, the HROne 2020-2025 People Strategy, which reflects our vision to become universally recognized for Human Resources excellence as a premier employer.

HROne is based on four pillars which, together, define how we envision moving Human Resources to the next level. These pillars are:

  • Workforce
  • Innovation
  • Economy
  • Quality
I am pleased to announce the kick off of a major milestone for HROne. Through a partnership with HITS and HR, we have put in motion a plan to implement SAP SuccessFactors at the City. The City will benefit from this digital transformation by using digital technologies to create new – or modify existing – business processes, culture, and customer experience to meet ever changing business and HR legal and compliance requirements.

This reimagining of how the City delivers HR services to our employees and citizens in the digital age is digital transformation of the City’s core HR processes and enables the move from the traditional personnel management and labor-related issues to HR having a more positive impact on the organization. As such, the City believes the investment in SAP SuccessFactors will enable HR to drive the City forward by providing optimized, easy to use, mobile enabled solutions, that natively offer valuable workforce in data-driven insights through standard reporting. Allowing City’s decision makers to gain greater insights into their workforce and make informed or even predictive decisions, thereby improving productivity, revenue, and employee satisfaction.    

SuccessFactors will include a suite of applications including Organizational Management (OM); Personnel Administration (PA); Job, Position, Budget (JPB); Competencies; Workflows; Position Based Security; and Benefitfocus.

What this means for you:

  • Employee Self Service will have a new look and new functionality and be mobile friendly
  • Manager Self Service will be available to managers and supervisors as a tool for all personnel actions
  • Benefitsfocus will enhance and streamline the benefits sign up process, while ensuring the City is compliant with federal regulations
  • HR processes and data reporting will be optimized
The HROne SuccessFactors implementation will be completed in December 2021 and Benefitfocus implementation will be complete in February 2022.  I am excited about this major step toward modernizing HR and creating a more flexible workforce – ready to adapt to the future.  

Jane Cheeks, HR Director
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