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We’re excited to share with you new laws that change how TWIA does business. We are committed to keeping you updated on our progress as we make these changes over the next year-and-a-half. 

We’ve organized this overview in a Q&A format that we hope you find helpful. Should you wish to review the bills’ at the heart of these changes, the following links take you to a PDF of the “Sunset Bill” for TWIA (Senate Bill 615) and House Bill 1900.  

What are the first changes to take place?
Effective immediately, TWIA posted our 2019 rate adequacy analysis on our website on July 22, 2019. The analysis can be viewed on at
Date Summary
6/2019 Requires TWIA to make a rate adequacy analysis publicly available on 14 days before the TWIA Board of Directors votes on the submission of a rate filing to TDI.
6/2019 Requires TWIA to accept public comment on the rate adequacy analysis at a public meeting of the TWIA Board of Directors.

Please Note: TWIA is required by law to submit an annual rate filing by August 15 each year. The amount of any proposed rate change for TWIA will be determined by the TWIA Board of Directors. Prior to a decision on the rate filing, the Board must deliberate in a meeting open to the public and vote in the meeting on the amount of the proposed rate change to be filed with the Commissioner of Insurance by August 15.

The next TWIA Board of Directors meeting will be held in Galveston on Tuesday, August 6 and will be livestreamed on here: Public comment on the rate adequacy analysis will be accepted at the meeting.

Were there any changes affecting TWIA’s depopulation program?

Yes, there were a few changes to the timeline of the Assumption Reinsurance Depopulation Program. These changes will impact the 2020-2021 program. They will not affect this year’s program (2019-2020), which is currently underway.  

Deadline Summary
3/2020 Requires TDI to change depopulation rules to eliminate any requirement for agents or policyholders to make depopulation decisions during hurricane season.
3/2020 Reduces the policyholder opt out period to no more than 60 days.

Are there changes that affect TWIA’s claims process?
Yes, there are several changes that affect our claims process such as: replacement cost policy repair deadline extensions, increased authority regarding policyholder claim deadline extensions by the Commissioner of Insurance, and authorization of TWIA’s supplemental payment process.
Deadline Summary
1/2020 Modifies the handling of replacement cost coverage claims and allows 545 days for repairs, preserving the insured’s ability to request appraisal on the claim.
9/2019 Allows the Commissioner to extend policyholder claim deadlines at his discretion and removes the cap on the length of the extensions.
7/2020 Authorizes TWIA’s supplemental payment process and requires a conspicuous notice regarding the availability of supplemental payments in the policy that describes the process and associated deadlines.

Are there any customer service changes that may make it easier for policyholders to renew their policy and pay their premium?
Yes, there are three changes that have the potential to significantly improve policyholders’ experience with TWIA. We are currently working with TDI to define these processes and will communicate the details of these programs as they become available.
Deadline Summary
1/2020 Requires TWIA to establish an automatic renewal process.
1/2020 Requires TWIA to determine residential replacement cost value at time of policy issuance rather than time of loss.
1/2021 Requires TWIA to take credit card and installment payments.

Is TWIA going to continue issuing Certificates of Compliance (WPI-8-Cs) for completed improvements?
TWIA will continue to issue WPI-8-Cs through May 31, 2020. On June 1, 2020, TDI will assume responsibility for issuing Certificates of Compliance for completed improvements. They will continue to issue Certificates of Compliance (WPI-8s) for on-going improvements.
Deadline Summary
6/2020 Moves the responsibility of issuing certificates of compliance to TDI.

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