July - August 2017  
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The July-August TWIA Bimonthly Report Card has been updated. The financial statements included in Section F of the report have been revised to reflect information included in our request for funding from the Catastrophe Reserve Trust Fund (CRTF) on September 15, 2017 and to clarify the available funds in the CRTF as of August 31, 2017 ($741.9 million).
The revised balance sheet and income statements include a placeholder for incurred losses and loss reserves for Hurricane Harvey. These are based on RMS catastrophe model estimates of TWIA losses based on a representative Saffir-Simpson Category 4 hurricane making landfall in an area similar to where Hurricane Harvey hit (approximately $467 million).
As of the date of this report, TWIA management has not completed an actuarial analysis of ultimate loss. TWIA expects to make additional requests for funding based upon actual claim payment experience and the completion of an estimate of ultimate losses from Hurricane Harvey. Future financial statements will reflect TWIA management’s estimates of ultimate losses from Hurricane Harvey.

Please contact Jennifer Armstrong if you have any questions about the updated information.

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Section A: Biennial Report
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.0025
Section B: Insurable Property and Coverage Requirements
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.004, 2210.201-302
Section C: Rulemaking Authority
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.008
Section D: Depopulation
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.701-2210.705
Section E: Standards of Conduct
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.012 & 2210.013, 2210.015
Section F: Annual Statement
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.054
Section G: Examination of Association
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.057, 2210.058
Section H: Catastrophe Funding
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.071-075
Section I: Board Composition
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.102
Section J: Open Meetings Act
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.105, 2210.108
Section K: Public Information Act
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.108
Section L: Plan of Operation
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.151-2210.153
Section M: Policy Issuance
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.203
Section N: Compliance with Building Codes
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.251-2210.259
Section O: Rates
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.352
Section P: Catastrophe Plan
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.455
Section Q: Limits of Liability
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.501-2210.504
Section R: Certain Appeals and Other Actions
Texas Insurance Code Sections 2210.551, 2210.014, 2210.572(c), 2210.573, 2210.574
Section S: Ombudsman Funding and Program
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.582
Section T: Annual Evaluation of Association Management
Texas Insurance Code Section 2210.107(a)
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